Why Hillcrest?

Locally owned and operated, our family has been caring and helping families for over 50 years. You want your loved one to receive loving, caring, high-quality professional health care; Hillcrest Nursing Center strives to provide that to every resident.

Our primary role is to help your loved one gain and maintain as much control and independence in their lives as possible. We emphasize strengths, not limitations, providing the appropriate setting and levels of care that enable individuals to reach their highest functional level, and we do so while preserving each person's dignity and sense of well being.

To ensure that your loved one maintains a well balanced lifestyle, we offer a variety of therapeutic leisure activities, designed to meet psychological, mental, physical, emotional and spiritual needs.


Thanks to the amazing crew at Halo Hospice for supporting spirit week by coming over to grill hamburgers for all the staff and residents! You're great! During Spirit Week. Our staff dressed up for pajama day, Hawaiian day, super hero day, and more! We love what we do, and have fun doing it.


Stacks and stacks of gifts for our residents! We're family, so we put a lot of thought into what to get each of our residents for Christmas and help make it a special time for everyone.


Vive l'amour!

Life changes us. Our physical features change. Our appetites change. Our way of looking at the world changes. One thing that never changes, though, is the need to love and be loved.

Every year, our residents elect members of their community to be King and Queen for our Valentine's Day party. We love our residents and try to show them so every day, but this day is especially fun!

We were privileged to have Timberwood Elementary School of Moore come sing for us. Thank you, kids! Our residents love it when you come see us!

Red Hat Society

This is a play group for women to make new friends and enrich their lives through fun and fellowship. Food and drinks, crafts, and other activities are included when our ladies get together!

Thank you to the caring folks at Halo Hospice for organizing this group for us!

Independence Day Crafts

Let freedom ring! For July 4th, we had a craft project to make patriotic tee shirts. This type of activity stimulates individual creativity and encourages community.

And it's fun!


Our creative social activity team at Hillcrest works very hard to provide a wide range of fun, interesting, interactive events for our residents.

Everybody enjoys dressing up! Each year, we have a fall festival to help raise money to buy Christmas presents for our resident family.